Tuesday, July 1, 2008

QOW, The Mustard Club, and a few others..

I will start with a delayed posting of the Quote of the Week. This one belongs to Mike Hamel. When asked if he had to choose one condiment, ketchup or mustard exclusively, which one would it be? He answered emphatically.."Mustard, Ketchup Sucks!"

While I don't quite think that ketchup "sucks", I am a part of the Mustard Club. This club should not be exclusive, but for now it is still the minority..but it's growing. Current members are:

Anthony Miller
Mike Hamel
John Snyder "Slice"
Joe O'Neill
"Colonel" Mustard (Clue)
Chad Mustard (Browns)

All that is required to join the club is to simply choose mustard as your number one condiment. What's in it for you?? Well, some great tasting food, and a feeling of living dangerously. If you would like me to add your name to this list, comment me and I will do so.

Some crazy stuff happening in sports. Baron Davis is a Clipper now! (Yuck!!) Tony Armas is back in the Bigs..(Yes!!) And on the Fantasy Front I continue to tray and field a healthy team in the KBSL league. Today I see I had a trade accepted and fixed my 3B hole, but now find out Byrnes is back on the DL...UGGGHH

P.S. This from Rotoworld:

Free agent Shea Hillenbrand signed with the York Revolution of the independent Atlantic League on Tuesday.
There was no real interest in Hillenbrand in the offseason, though perhaps that would have changed if he was open to accepting a minor league deal. It was still surpising that no team threw $1 million at him, considering he's not all that different from the player who just received a $6.5 million guarantee the previous winter.

That's a pretty serious player coming to town. I think I even had him a few years ago in the KBSL.

Cool Stuff!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quote of the Week

This is going to be a short post tonight but I wanted to get the QOTW out for everyone this week. This weeks entry is a shared award. It is shared by Dr Nussbaum, Jamie Koultonovich, and Julie Miller. All 3 said the following statement within the same week:

"You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't."

Nussbaum on Hannah's bite, and the possibility of an ensuing HIV test for baby Clair: Well, you're "Damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't" I like to be on the safe side.

Koultonovich had another take on the expression. She used it when describing the hot weather they encountered in FLA while on vacation, and then the 95+ temps of last week. " We got back here and now it's hot as hel* here." [It's one of those "You're damned if you do, and your damned if you don't"type things.]

Julie Miller then used that same line 2 days later while Logan was getting his hair cut. "He wants it short, but I like it long." "It is the summer time I guess, and he has been begging me to get it cut." "I guess I'm Damned if I do, and damned if I don't."

3 people and 3 times in 1 Week most definitely wins the QOTW. Congrats to these 3 on their accomplishment. Good Luck to all next week!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finals, Animals and the QOW

I just finished watching game 4 of the NBA finals. I must say this has been the most entertaining finals series I have every watched. It helps that both of these teams are stacked, and it's really a crap shoot on who will win it. It now appears the Celtics will, as they just capped a 24 point comeback over the Lakers and lead the series 3-1. Just what we need, another Boston team winning a title. Can Philly get just one?!? Pierce is proving to be the best player on the court in this series. The Jayhawk out played Kobe tonight, and is a huge reason the Green team is on the verge of another NBA title. Amazingly, they are winning these games without much production from BIG BABY . Hopefully this great series will help distract from all the negative Donagey pub. Go figure, the NBA was really throwing that Kings game against the Lakers years ago. Heck I can't blame them either. Look at how entertaining this years series has been! Who the heck wanted to see the Kings and Nets??

BIG BABY reminds me I almost forgot about BIG BROWN. Wow, what happened?? I thought that was about as big a lock as I can remember in horse racing and the pony finishes last? Wow. Glad I didn't make it out to the OTW this year. I wouldn't have bet him out of the last post at the Derby, and would have bet confident in betting a lot on him at the Stakes. Shows why I never do well at betting the horses I guess.

I think the animals are trying to take over our yard. Just stay out of the house!! It gets worse each day it seems out there. Let's see, of course we had the snakes out there, the mice that were in the shed, and now the groundhogs are back eating the Mulberries in the yard. What I am very surprised at is the birds!! These grey birds are fearless of humans. They don't bother me out there, but it is truly amazing. This one particular one followed me all throughout the yard while I was mowing this week. He went from tree to tree, and even walked beside me on the ground..just looking at me. I'm not sure if he liked me, or didn't trust me. Hopefully his mind is at ease...I'm just there for the mowing buddy. I would consider taking on a new bird friend but probably not until August, so check back with me then.

Now the quote of the week.. Well, this week the honor goes to Joseph O'Neill of Gerhardt. When I was showing him the new UPS coverage map with the states colored to show the transit times from Dallastown, he asked me "Now is this just for Ground or is this for Air shipments too?"

Nope Joey, the Next Day Air Shipments are delivered the NEXT DAY. Congrats to Joe for scoring his 1st QOW.

Good Luck to all this week!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Injuries set in, and the start of the quotes of the week

Injuries are beginning to crush my Van Buren Boys' teams. In the mixed league I now have Byrnes, Sheffield, Schmidt, and Carmona all on the shelf. In the NL league I boast Andruw Jones, Pedro Martinez, Rafael Furcal, and Clint Barmes. Ryan Zimmerman is probably headed there soon, as he hasn't played at all this week for me either. Zimm leads a VBB lineup that is in a lot of trouble this week playing without 2 guys, and having my best hitter in a bit of a slump right now. Luckily Randy Winn continues to be the man and he is keeping me in it.

Some noted transactions this week. I picked up 1-8 Barry Zito and Jason Giambi who had been hitting .211 as of Mid May. Call it a hunch, but I think these guys are going to have huge 2nd halfs.

I would like to start a new segment called "Quote of the Week". I actually wanted to start this last week, so I am going to lead off with 2 entries.

The 1st 2 winners both go to my wife. We'll start with the inaugural quotes:

Week of May 18th: When skimming through the DVR'd programs I noticed that Laura had decided to record the "Bachelorette". I asked her about it and she said "Yeah, I'm kind of into it this year, it's a girl this time."

And now the winning entry for this week, May 25th:

While getting her teeth cleaned by her MJ I watched Avery and Hannah in the waiting room until it was time for my cleaning. I eventually brought the girls back to the dental office because it was really hot in the waiting room and Hannah wanted to get down to crawl. Laura said "Don't let Hannah crawl around here, there is plaque flying everywhere!!" Yep, that's a winner! Congrats to LBB for her 1st 2 entries.

Who will make this list next?? I'll be searching for the next great quote, so Bring It!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Various Items..Catching up AGAIN

I'm doing a pathetic job of keeping this up to date. Let's try it again...

Bowling is over..thank goodness. The absolute worst year I have personally ever had on the lanes. I waited 37 weeks for a good match, and well, I guess I will have to wait until week 1 of next year because 38 and 39 were no better. We got bludgeoned in the 1st round of the playoffs and that was that. I'm looking forward to collecting my money at the banquet though. :)

How impressive are the Dodgers? Is Joe Torre the difference? Could I be that wrong about the importance of a baseball manager?? Maybe this is so. An impressive start to a team that had most of these components last year but just couldn't get anything done. Rafael Furcal has been a pleasant surprise as well, which makes me happy as I look to defend my KBSL title. No, it hasn't gone well so far, but I'm going to stick with it and hope for the best.

Is their a more overrated piece of clothing then a coat? Yes, there are times when they are needed, but those are really few and far between. I mean why do you wear a coat to work if you jump in your car, drive there, get out and walk right into your building and then take it off. That's not as bad as when you go shopping, or out to eat and then struggle to find a place to put the coat while you are inside. Of course if you wear it, you'll roast. For the most part, I'm done with the jackets.

Thumbs up to the new tax refunds we all just got. I dig it. I doubt it will ultimately boost the economy, but it surely is a nice gesture. I'll be sure to buy at least one new item with it so that I am not being Anti-American.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and we are heading to Hershey Park for the day, weather permitting. I think it should be a cool time, and I am starting to get pretty excited about going. You can never see that Chocolate World Tour too much, and if I see the Hershey Kiss walking around I just may give him a shot!! (Inside Joke..but hysterical.)

American Idol Season Whatever it is... In a nutshell, this season sucks. David Cook should win, but the writing is on the wall for him after last week and it is Archuleta who will win this thing. My prediction?? David Archuleta will be the 2nd worst AI ever. No one can ever top Taylor Hicks, but this guy will be close. I bet he will have 1 heck of a Christmas Album though. He's got so many things on his side right now, it's inevitable the "Prodigy" Will win it all.

Lastly, I have to mention Survivor in this post. Erik, one of the "Fans" this year has got to go down as the dumbest contestant of all time in the history of Survivor. 4 people get voted off in front of him by the girls alliance, and blindsided and when in the final 5 he gives up his immunity idol necklace!?!? This kid may be cut out to be a Ice Cream Scooper all his life after that stupidity he showed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another great idea...another disappointment

Another one of my "invention" ideas I have come to find out is already in existence. While pushing Avery on the swing today at Cousler Park I came up with a brilliant idea for a booming new trend. Satellite Dish covers. When I say that, I mean covers with designs on them such as your favorite sports teams. Or perhaps you would prefer to have one to accent the season, such as a snowman for winter, or a scarecrow for fall. This could be similar to the flags people put out in their yards, or the mailbox covers you can buy. Well, after doing the dreaded Google search, I found out they already are marketed.

This I must admit was even harder to swallow then the "Clothing Exchange" website idea I was nearly as excited about earlier this year. That dream ended at Genova's when MJ told me she saw that idea on Oprah earlier that month. No, this one was tougher to take. This was tangible, marketable, and probably in a boom market with so many people making the switch to the dish.

It's off to the drawing board for the next big idea...i'll keep you posted. After I patent it that is.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From one Monopoly to the other..the saga continues..

Today Verizon contacted me because Comcast had been in contact with them to take over my phone number to start digital phone service. Having DSL and the phone through them already to keep my business they were willing to offer me their own "Triple Play". Apparantly Verizon and Direct TV have an agreement to be bundled together. After a phone call back to Verizon, this is what I was offered now...

DSL- $14.95 Grandfathered rate
Unlimited Calling anywhere in the US and Canada- $ 24.99
Direct TV Choice Extra Plus DVR Package- $ 39.99
1 DVR and Standard Receiver- No Charge.
A $50.00 "Stay With Verizon" bill credit.

$ 79.00 total for all three services, and the channel package is actually really good. This is normally a $59.99 package. I was paying $80.00 for just cable up to this month. "Real Nice"

The install is scheduled for Saturday, February 16th.

We'll see what happens when I call to cancel my Comcast this time.