Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Speechless, McFever, Larry Brown at Nova

I saw the movie Speechless many years ago when it came out. (Ah the days of the cheater box..) Well, I saw it again on Monday night on Encore. It's a pretty good flick starring Michael Keaton and Geena Davis. This was right around the time when Keaton was making all kinds of movies, so I actually kind of forgot about this one. The paper also released around this time was a really good movie, MK has got quite the resume on the Big Screen. Easily one of the top A List actors of all time..yes I am serious. Come on GUNG HO..need I say more. Keaton plays a campaign speech writer that ends up meeting the other candidates speech writer (Davis) and they hit it off. Neither of them realize that the other is working for the other party at 1st and when they find out at a school event..that's when the comedy starts. Superman, (Christopher Reeves) makes an appearance in this movie, I thought that was pretty cool as well. It's probably a 3 of 5 star movie, but you could do worse.

I listened to the Katharine McPhee CD yesterday. It is decent for the idol product. I swore if she sang that somewhere over the rainbow song on the record I wasn't listening to it, but she managed to leave that off. There were 2 songs on there that I could find myself listening to on a regular basis, and 1 other one that wasn't bad either. Over it, and Open Toes are catchy Pop hits. I haven't heard Hicks effort yet, but I am thinking that it will fall short of Daughtry and McPhee's releases. I would say it's worth checking those 2 songs out if you like music that is similar to a JoJo sound.

Last Night I went to the Villanova game to see them play St. Joe's. The Hawks managed to put up 39 points, failing to reach that elusive 40 point barrier. It was an ugly win for the Wildcats, but one that keeps their NCAA hopes alive, and with 4 more wins they should secure a birth with a pretty decent RPI. Their freshman Reynolds can play, but it will be up to Curtis Sumpter to take this team into the tournament if they are destined to do so. I'm still not sure why he didn't come back last year when he could have...the Cats could have possibly been victorious in that Elite 8 game last year. But the real story was the sighting of Larry Brown at the game. Apparently he comes to a bunch of games according to Scott who sees him there all the time. He was constantly writing stuff on different players, and really didn't talk to anyone. What do you think he was writing? Whatever it was, he was getting paid a ton of money to do it. (He loves New York ya know) I probably could have talked to LB because I walked right behind him at halftime and was tempted to pull a Dick Enberg on him, but thought better of it. LB was out shortly before the 5 minute left mark, I guess he wasn't concerned that St Joe's might in fact hit 40.

Honorable mention: Also at the game was Kerry Kittles..I was really hoping to see B West instead. Kittles probably looked better then Westbrook would have in that blue be ray however.


Brett said...

I don't think Brown would crack the same kind of smile that Enberg did. I think he would scowl at "Good game Larry." He probably also scowls at Mr. Mom and all other Michael Keaton flicks, but that's understandable. Is Kerry Kittles done? He doesn't come up on Yahoo!'s player search. We barely knew he.

Mark said...

I think he may not have liked it as well. That's why it seemed like something I shouldn't do.

I think Kittles is done, his last injury filled season with the Clips is all she wrote.

Sorry, Keaton is the man.

Todd said...

Keaton stinks.

LB is working with the Sixers, so he was probably scouting for them. Maybe a little Mike Nardi? Haha - jk.

Kittles, clutch, must be back trollin' the main line for some 'Nova undergrad action. "Hey, my boys call me Special K."

A bigger sighting would have been John Ameachi. Think he hits any PSU hoops games these days?

Mark said...

Haha Yeah I am sure Ameachi is attending all the PSU games..he and Parkhill (whatever happened to that guy) are the only ones that attend those games.